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Why Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential and flexible process that gives all parties involved control over the outcome.  As a mediator, I will act as an impartial, third party participant that will guide the communication of the conflicting parties.  My goal is to help you come to a quick and amicable resolution while avoiding costly legal bills.

Our Services

My Services

Do you find yourself in a difficult situation?  Have to make a tough choice and wish you could ask someone with an objective point of view for some advice?  Reach out today for a free consultaion call.

Business Problems

Have you started a business that is now succsessful, but the partners no longer see eye-to-eye? 


Are you a lender or investor having problems with your parnter?  I've found hundreds of creative financial solutions.


Starting a new business or growing an existing one?  Need a push to get to the next level? Leverage my experience and save yourself time and resources.

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